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Since 1995 the Grupo Partners & Quality Technology works with high technology, constantly participating of trainings in the exterior. In the beginning, worked with computer science, trainings and implantation of systems of access control. Now, with strong partnerships of technological representation, it makes available for every South America, Africa and Europe, the last generation in systems of electronic identification: of people, animals, vegetables, vehicles, arts, etc..., supplying equipments, support and qualified technical, besides Systems of Control of Genetics of animals, intelligent Systems of Control of Access, Automation, Tracebility, Monitor with Telemetry, development of Softwares, Web and database in the world net of computers, Internet. It is important emphasize that Partners is the only company that renders technical support in the electronic equipments of the segment in South America, as microchip readers and similar. In Brazil, EMBRAPA adopted the technology as ideal for individual identification and for Tracebility of the national flock. Partners also has support of IBAMA that indicates us for several solutions. The group has representation companies in Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Angola, Portugal and other 14 countries and it looks for representatives in other Countries. It is possible to enter in contact with Partners on-line through CHAT. Ending, Partners is a multinational company of complete and definitive solutions.